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Confessions Of A Sinful Nun

  • Updated 2017-08-25
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'Confession Of A Sinful Nun' follows devout Sister Charlotte (Charlotte Stokely) as she lives a peaceful life with her other sisters. Unfortunately, everything will change when Lily (Lily Adams) arrived to the convent. Sister Charlotte is suddenly seduced by the temptation of another woman. This attraction will shatter everything she believes in. Meanwhile, Mother Superior (Nina Hartley) will have to deal with other forbidden behavior around the convent.



I just posted the trailer to Confessions of Sinful Nun 2 in the Forum! Go check it out ;)  https://gamma-forums.com/milehighmedia/discussion/comment/1120/#Comment_1120
2019-02-15 17:56
Just thought I'd say that putting all photosets together for download with the DVD is a great idea.  Saves me the time of having to open a new tab and look for the variant sets
2019-02-21 05:57
Happy Pussy
This movie is erotic as all fuck!!!!! I loved intently watching her full engorged ruby lips and her soft lustful sapphic tongue move during that brave, bold and sensual lesbian confession in the booth, the audio from that confession session ALONE would have been enough to make me cum really really really fucking hard but facial expressions rocked also ;-)  Wow!!!!  A++++  Sorry she felt SO ashamed for all that harmless orgasmic fun and all the yummy pussy juice she got to lap up!!!!!  God is good!!!!!!!!!!!
2017-09-16 16:48
Ricky Greenwood
Thank You.
2017-09-25 10:25
I love this. I love the plot and sex is great.
2017-09-02 19:19
Ricky Greenwood
I do my best to please you all !!
2017-09-25 10:27
I love porn but this theme crosses the line for me. Hate the plot.
2017-08-29 05:02
Ricky Greenwood
Thank you for your comments
2017-08-30 13:33
I agree 100 percent
2018-01-31 14:34
FUCK YES!!! my dick is so ready for this release lol. Loved Girl Candy Films Mother Superior series, glad to see more vids like that coming out now, hope they keep this up as a recurring series with new starlets and legends
2017-08-21 09:06
Ricky Greenwood
I'm happy you love it ;)
2017-08-30 13:34
Can't wait for this! I adore anything blasphemous  >:D
2017-08-15 18:57
Me too.
2017-08-16 13:09
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