Big Booty Friends

Video Description: Brunette bombshell Gina Valentina and her BFF, big titted hottie Jessa Rhodes, love to dish about EVERYTHING, and when the topic turns to the pleasures of ass-eating, Gina confesses to not knowing much about it. Jessa is quick to educate her big booty friend. Jessa makes her move, grabbing Gina and kissing her hard on the mouth. Gina is initially resistant, but gives in to her wanton desires for her voluptuous girlfriend. Jessa pushes Gina back onto the bed and devours her pussy. Gina is eager to get in on the action, eating Jessa out until the sexy babe cums hard. Now both ladies are wet and ready for some finger fucking while exploring their tight, backdoors. They tongue each other's asses until they cum, fingering each other as they lap each other's tight assholes. Analingus will be one more secret the friends share!

The quality of the 1080p is horrible.  Why is it so white?  You can barley see them.
2018-08-30 17:55
We're looking into this!
2018-09-05 16:12
The 1080p download is now available, sorry for the wait and thanks for your patience!
2018-08-30 07:32

I can't believe how tan & PERFECT Jessa is!  My cock started swelling even with her
clothes on, the second I saw her kiss Gina, OMG she is SO BEAUTIFUL!  One of my FAVORITE LESBIAN actresses of ALL
TIME is Gina, she is EXXXQUISITE & GORGEOUS, her lips look dry here, she might
be a little dehydrated.  I LOVE Lesbians
more than anything on the face of the earth; Holy God,  I LOVE how hard Gina's breasts & nipples
are when Jessa lifts off her top & then sucks them!  OMG I LOVE these lesbian movies, I NEVER want
to see a piece of crap man on viagra in a scene where he knows NOTHING about a
woman's body AT ALL & is BORING AS SH.T! 
OMG I LOVE that Gina lets Jessa lick her delicious pussy from behind
first; HEAVEN on God's EARTH is seeing
Jessa's lips sucking Gina's pussy lips & licking them!  I LOVE that BEAUTIFUL PUSSY HAIR on Gina's
pussy, I Wish women would let ALL their pussy hair grow out, not just on top
though.  I LOVE seeing Gina lift her legs
up high so Jessa can LICK her HEAVEN DELICIOUS ASSHOLE!  Holy God I LOVE her mouth COMPLETELY on her
ASSHOLE & pussy, my cock is HARDER THAN GRANITE!!!  HEAVEN on earth is seeing Gina lap Jessa's
Gina licking Jessa's PUSSY the TRIBBING is EXXXQUISITE, I LOOOOOOVE seeing the
pussy lips from behind as they RUB, my cock is THROBBING SO HARD, all I have to
do is just barley touch it!!!  I
LOOOOOOOOOVE how Jessa cannot get enough of licking & tasting Gina's HEAVEN

2018-08-29 18:26
720p again ? Still waiting for u guys to fix the Kristen/Jayden scene
2018-08-29 01:50
We are SO sorry for the delay. We ran into some technical issues but everything is getting fixed A.S.A.P.
2018-08-29 13:50
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