Breaking Point

Video Description: Things get harder for all the girls after Magdalene St. Michaels catches Zoey Taylor and Lyra Law together. Magdalene gets stricter with the girls specially Carter Cruise. Meanwhile, Ivy Wolfe continues to fight the authority of Magdalene and refuses to accept that what she did was wrong. All that extra tension brings Carter to the breaking point. After a huge fight with Magdalene, she calls her ex-lover Aidra Fox and asks her to meet her at midnight. That night, under the golden light of her room, she goes back to who she is. She lets her desire for another woman go wild and she makes love to Aidra like no tomorrow.

just joined for a year because of sweethart --- and this is just a  fantastic shoot----great acting by both girls and very convincing story line----only thing missing is 4k hope its coming soon    thanks
2019-03-17 22:02
and one more thing to add i cant watch porn without a story so please do not let up that is what erotic is all about  thanks
2019-03-17 22:06
Ricky Greenwood
Thank you, and I have no plan to not do story. I love the way sweetheart is and it will stay the same with more erotic and crazy stories. We have a good year plan for all the Sweetheart fun. It will be a lot of fun. Don't hesitate to reach out for comments or suggestions.
2019-03-18 12:56
Next time no stockings. Otherwise an excellent scene. Great cinematography, especially in the dark.
2019-03-17 19:29
Ricky Greenwood
I have to give a little to everyone, some people are huge fan of stocking, but I will keep that in mine for sure ;)
2019-03-18 12:54
You've got to be kidding.  Filming in the dark?  Obviously, I don't agree with other viewers comments.  Throw this one in the archives.
2019-03-15 12:04
Ricky Greenwood
I'm sorry you didn't like the style of the movie. Perhaps you will like the next update we have. Thank you for sharing your comment with us.
2019-03-15 14:05
I love every passionate second of this. Left me wanting to see these two go at it again and again. The chemistry was off the charts, Carter has this same intensity with a feew others, but this scene with it's build up and the body reactions as opposed the cookie cutter positions and activies. There was a whole lot realism given by both actresses. Love it want more from Cater and Aidra together having fun.
2019-03-15 10:06
Ricky Greenwood
You will see more Carter and Aidra in the next update. Aidra will be in Lesbian Massage Vol. 4 and Alexis Loves Girls. Carter will be in Lesbian Stepsisters 8 and the next Brandi Love showcase. Keep request him them. It helps us giving you the talent you all want to see on this site.
2019-03-15 14:04
Would love to have more of the 'Loves Girls' series, that has been one of the best features of Sweetheart over the years. Top of my list would Georgia Jones, Bree Daniels and Aidra Fox, just to start.
2019-03-17 07:06
Ricky Greenwood
I have a soft spot for Aidra Fox and Bree Daniels ;)
2019-03-18 12:51
Technically, I don't think SHV has never been at a higher level. I like
the amount of time given over to setting the scene and leading up to the
sex - rather than the wam-bam-thank-you-maam approach. However, the
scnes do end rather abuptly. Will there be a full movie version uploaded
at any point soon so that we can enjoy the entire film without the
sudden breaks?
2019-03-15 09:37
Ricky Greenwood
Thank you, I work hard for this movie and i'm happy you like it. I will definitely request a full version of the film to be add on the site. Thank you for sharing your comment with us. 
2019-03-15 14:00
And thanks to you Ricky, for taking the time out to respond to all our comments. Appreciated.
2019-03-17 08:33
Mixed feelings about this series. The technical/aesthetic level is very high, and the performnces are very committed and intense. But sometimes the scenes seem to be over-directed, with not enough time for genuine build up to climax, and maybe more time needed for kissing etc. Perhaps this comes from a male director's perceptions, as opposed to Dana's female viewpoint.
2019-03-15 07:11
Ricky Greenwood
I direct the dialogue and the story, but I rarely direct the sex scene. I give them an idea of what we are expecting for this scene, but I let the actress decide what they would do to each other. I will direct the scene if it goes nowhere or if the two girls are not into it. Believe me you don't have to direct  sex scene between Carter Cruise and Aidra Fox. If you want a built up to a climax and more kissing, I will have to step in and over directing the sex. I will take your comment in consideration next time. Thank you for sharing. 
2019-03-15 14:01
Thanks for the feedback - I have added a more appreciative comment this morning. This scene has all the elements working well, I guess I was thinking more about the opening two episodes. And it's clear that certain partnerships will work better than others - and I would not want you to do more directing of the sex elements than is absolutely necessary, that's for sure.. Sometimes it's to do with relative lack of experience on the performers' part, and that can only get better over time, hopefully. Sabina Rouge is one of the new generation who seems to have the desire, for example.
2019-03-17 07:04
Ricky Greenwood
yes she is ;)
2019-03-18 12:50
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