Hot For Teacher!

Video Description: New reform school instructor Ryan Keely has met her match in sociopathic student Carter Cruise. Carter sniffs out weakness in her teacher, curvy MILF beauty Ryan, and plans to exploit it in any way she can. Sexy blond stunner Carter is craving some hot lesbian sex and her busty teacher is the perfect target for her lustful desires. The two begin kissing, then Carter dives deep into Ryan's nether regions bringing her to orgasm. Both ladies continue to get each other off with their fingers and tongues, probing each other's wet cunts, stopping at nothing to have as many orgasms as humanly possible. Ryan may like this new teaching position!

2018-09-22 22:04
Would really like to see the two together in a more comfortable setting for them to enjoy each other as they always appear to enjoy what they are doing.
2018-09-14 12:43
I love this scene, I love Ryan Keely's butch look. Love to see butch and femme. Thanks, I haven't yet scene the BTS. I'm still trying to recover from this scene. I'll watch the BTS once I get my breath back.
2018-09-10 23:45
Don't like the Butch look Ryan Keely. I though she was the hottest fem lesbian performer before the makeover.
2018-09-09 11:58
Dude, I can't agree with you. I love the butch look especially when the girl is still very attractive like Ryan.
2018-09-10 23:46
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