One of a Kind!

Video Description: Alice finally decides to call Babysitter Dreams. The young and beautiful Jill (Danni Rivers) answers the call. Alice invites her over to meet her and explain the job to her. Olivia (Ivy jones), Jill's girlfriend, is not happy with that. She's a little bit jealous of her girlfriend meeting an older women, even if it's for work. The meeting between Alice and Jill goes well and Jill loves the house and the job, but when Alice explains that it will be 24/7and that she will have to move in with her, Jill becomes hesitant, she will have to see with her girlfriend before. Unfortunately for her, Olivia had other plans this evening, she decides to meet her secret lover Trish (Aidra Foxx). Together they experience one of the hottest sex scene we ever scene.
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Aidra is a real star, and loves women into the bargain. This is a high energy scene and works well, but sometimes it's better when the energy levels drop  bit and there is more build up to orgasm.
2019-03-04 03:50
Ricky Greenwood
Thank you for the comments and yes Aidra is a real star. she's amazing to work with and really likes women. You will see her a lot on sweetheart video.
2019-03-15 14:09
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