Time to Make Up...

Video Description: After meeting Alice, Jill decides to go home and talk with her girlfriend Olivia. When she enters her room she sees Olivia between the legs of another women. Jill is in shock, and cannot find the words to confront Olivia. She leaves totally speechless. Alice on the other side thinks that she scared Jill way by being too upfront. Her friend Sam, thinks otherwise and offer her to share Chloe with her. Alice not impress by her best friend's offer and refuses by hanging up the phone. The doorbell rings and at the door is Jill, Alice is surprised to see Jill crying. She invites her inside and they talk about their relationship and slowly they learn to understand each other better. It's time they get closer to each other and engage in stunning make up sex!

This whole episode is fantastic.  I have to ask though.....I really really like the idea of seeing a woman on the phone while another girl is going down on her.  Please have that more often, maybe even a "DISTRACTED LOVERS" series, with girls DISTRACTED by a lesbian lover while on the phone, reading a book, getting a chair massage, trying to work, even driving.
2019-06-03 18:01
Ricky Greenwood = the future of SHV and lesbian porn
2019-03-09 02:45
Ricky Greenwood
haha thank you. I do my best. I also have the best fan in the world ;)
2019-03-15 14:08
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