Tonight's Girlfriend

Video Description: Brianna Banks is nervous as she waits for her escort to arrive. It's her first time hiring a lady for the evening. Brianna is shy and inexperienced with the ladies. Brandi arrives and helps Brianna discover the joys of lesbian sex with the ultimate 'Girlfriend Experience' for the smoking hot MILF. Brandi guides her to multiple orgasms with her tongue and fingers, giving Brianna the rush of lust she needs to consume Brandi's slick folds and have her pussy creaming from Brandi's skilled mouth.

Fake tit horror story.  Enjoy!
2019-02-13 14:20
The Big Bam
Brandi is the Queen!!!!!!!!
2018-04-16 02:36
So very excited for this scene. Seeing two of the most gorgeous Female performers out there.
2018-04-12 01:10
OMG I cannot wait for this scene to come out. Major fan of Brandi. But also love watching Brianna. Two absolutely gorgeous mature woman. Nothing hotter
2018-03-31 04:03
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